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Yongjia Qian retires from managing the Cryogenics Facility

December 2014

Yongjia retired in early December after many years in the Facility. We wish him all our best as he changes his focus from cold fluids to warm grandchildren. His position in the facility has been filled by Steve Jacobson, who was involved in the original installation of the facility in 1984, and in running it until 1993. His experience made for a smooth transition, nearly transparent to Facility users.


Liquefier replaced, 50% increase in helium liquefaction rate

October 2014

Old Liquefier (L) and new Liquefier (R)

After more than 30 years of service, the old Liquefier was replaced by a brand new Liquefier on Oct. 1, 2014. In preparation for the new Liquefier, over the previous year all of the gas lines going in and out of the old machine were modified, and the compressor discharge and return lines were completely replaced with bigger lines, allowing substantially more flow. The result of the improved plumbing and the new machine is a nearly 50% increase in Helium liquefaction rate over the best that the old machine could ever manage. See more pictures of the remodeled facility here.

In the spirit of recycling, and of recovering costs, the old Liquefier was sold to a Canadian company who will refurbish it and bundle it with related equipment before sending it on to Turkey, where it will have a second life, recovering boil-off Helium and reliquefying it for use in MRIs.