2014 Facility Remodeling

New Supply and Return lines starting out

Reworked Pure Gas, Recovery, and Impure Supply lines in place. No more pipes attached to the floor.

Old and new Return lines in transition at the compressor.

Shiny New Supply line in place. Return line not yet attached.

Old Liquefier plumbing complete. Air line for New Liquefier in place, waiting for new machine.

New Return line connected to Compressor

New Return line connected to Compressor/different view

Cryogenic Facility office/Liquefier room

Liquefier room with Old Liquefier/different view

Old Liquefier on its final run

Old Liquefier all dressed up, ready for travel to a new home.

New Liquefier in place prior to installation

Old Liquefier on the way out.

New Liquefier in operation with experimental noise reduction curtain.